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7’scarlet Launch Trailer

Intragames is pleased to announce the release of 7’scarlet tomorrow, March 12th, on STEAM®.

To celebrate its official launch, Steam users will enjoy a 10% discount from March 12th to April 12th. For this limited time only, the purchase includes a free set of 7 exclusive PC wallpapers featuring both full-size and chibi characters.

7'scarlet is:

Shaped like a crescent moon, the remote town of Okunezato is shrouded in dark myths and legends. Following the disappearance of her brother, Ichiko ventures to Okunezato with her childhood friend, Hino. They find the area rife with mystery and populated by intriguing characters, each harboring their own hidden motivations. Encounter heart-racing twists and turns as you dig deeper into the mystery and use your detective skills to solve this challenging interactive puzzle. Players can explore multiple character paths and change the course of the story as it plays out against beautifully illustrated environments with dynamic background effects.