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A Behind The Lens View of NY Comic Con 2011

While many of the staff were engulfed in the booths and demos I found myself drawn to some of the great displays and exhibits on site. Chronicling NYCC has been a tremendous experience and above all has allowed me to connect with our “geek brethren on a new level. I could sit here and bore you with endless text but you guys are here for the photos so enjoy.

The wear and detail on Captain America's costume was so well done.

Nice trip in the time machine for Rich and Andrea since they're 80's babies. It's cool to see this stuff get showcased for a new generation.

Yes that was Ruby Rhod walking the red carpet at NYCC.  Definitely have to admire the attention to detail.

I maintained a lot of composure in not buying this because Thanos is one of my favorite characters. An amazing piece that was being sold by Best Comics.

I am not shocked to see Chevrolet offering the Transformers package on their cars. This trim level had cybertronian glyphs and tons of movie accents throughout. There are more pictures in our galleries on the fanpage so stop by and see those.

Covering comic con while hectic is an amazing experience and even if I wasn't working I would be here spending money and supporting the companies whose characters I enjoy. I can't till next year since we'll be doing more video.