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Bluey appears in WWE?

Everyone who knows about Bluey knows that, like all good kids shows, conflicts are resolved through words. Looks like the girls missed the memo, because this episode of Bluey is called “Smackdown”

The most popular cartoon for kids (and parents) these days is the Australian hit, Bluey. It follows the Heeler family as they navigate growing up, getting into hijinx, offering free therapy for adults, and getting life lessons instead of ice cream. Their popularity exploded during the pandemic, growing to places no one thought a show about anthropomorphic dogs would reach.

This past Friday night (July 21, 2023) on WWE Smackdown, Bluey made a surprise appearance. No, she didn't run in with a steel chair to save the babyfaces, but the girls showed up in the crowd, much to the delight of the internet.

One clever fan sitting in the front row brought oversized balloons of Bingo and Bluey with them, occasionally waving them in the air, perfectly aligned to the viewpoint of the hard camera. Bingo was seen throughout the episode, including the dramatic face-to-face between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. The WWE Universe has a new Bloodline now with the Heeler family, and fans should acknowledge their new new Tribal Chief!

Bingo was also ringside during the Charlotte Flair VS Iyo Sky match, and the fatal four-way that kicked off Smackdown.

There aren't as many signs in the crowd as there used to be during the WWF Attitude Era, or even the Ruthless Aggression era. If something in the audience stands out against all the wrestling on TV, it must be special, and Bluey and Bingo certainly fall in line with that.

After the show ended on FS1, the live audience was treated to some extra fun, and as the night went on, AJ Styles noticed the balloons. He grabbed Bluey and hoisted her up in the air, much to the excitement of the crowd! Like many of the WWE Superstars, AJ is a proud parent with four kids to call his own, and probably knows a lot more about Bluey than one would expect. Check out the video of this here!

This isn't the first time Bluey has been acknowledged on WWE TV. The first time was at Elimination Chamber earlier this year when Johnny Gargano showed up in Bluey inspired wrestling gear that was a reference to Bandit.

As of now, Bluey seems to be exclusive to the blue brand, but if her playtime isn't that interesting in the WWE, it might not be long before Bingo and Bluey jump ship to become All Elite!

Bluey is streaming on Disney+.