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Alex Ross & Kurt Busiek MARVELS Turns 25

MARVELS Annotated Cover

Alex Ross is a fan favorite among many of our readers and many consider his MARVELS series with Kurt Busiek as some of his best work. It is crazy to think that this series is turning 25 next year.

Marvel is celebrating the anniversary of the iconic series by re-releasing it with curated behind the scenes content plus an assortment of reprints and variants. Here is a sampling of what is coming your way next year: 


In February, don’t miss the MARVELS ANNOTATED series kicking off with never-before-seen commentary from Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross. Read the original MARVELS series with new covers and insight from the creators themselves.



Marvel will release exclusive monthly MARVELS 25th anniversary variant covers, painted by the legendary Alex Ross, starting with FANTASTIC FOUR #6 in January, TONY STARK: IRON MAN #9 in February, and THE IMMORTAL HULK #15 in March! Later in June, 20 artists will come together to pay tribute in a MARVELS 25th anniversary homage variant program across Marvel’s most popular titles.



As part of the anniversary, MARVELS has also been remastered and reprinted in a trade paperback for fans to enjoy, on sale now!

Here are some of the variants and special covers you will be seeing next year as Marvel Comics celebrates 25 years of MARVELS.