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Alice VR Will Control Your Mind and Creep You Out

Alice VR takes you to that final frontier and uses the one thing that humanity might fear more than death: solitude. Awakened by your ship's extremely bossy AI you land on the planet Speculos to search for fuel.

Things start to go south from the moment you leave the ship. You cannot land in the city because of an airspace barrier. You start to see things that indicate something is very wrong as you make your way to the city. You come to find that it is seemingly devoid of life. Curiosity has you naturally wanting to find out what happened. Fear has you naturally wanting to get the hell out of there.

Meanwhile the ship's AI keeps prodding you: find fuel and do not stray from that mission. It almost sounds like the AI is either threatening you. . . or trying to hide something. Tis October, find out exactly what is going on as Alice VR comes to PC via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR.

Are you really alone?