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Aqua Finally Takes the Stage In New Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer

The song that touches your heart regardless of which of the eight billion remixes you hear is back! Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue is being showcased at the 2016 Tokyo Game ShowSimple and Clean graces the new trailer which finally shows Aqua‘s gameplay.

We could speculate on the story for days just from this roughly three-minute long trailer. This is definitely a “watch and decide for yourself” situation. It was just good to know that when you are at your lowest, a pair of big ears is there to help you up.

He built a house and he is not gonna let it fall

Aside from all of the gameplay, story elements and fantastic visuals revealed in this trailer, one thing made this truly pop: a solid release date. Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue will see its worldwide launch on January 24, 2017. It comes exclusively to PlayStation 4.

Get ready, the feels train is barreling through.

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