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Arc of Alchemist - Switch physical

Arc of Alchemist Gets Limited Switch Physical Run

In collaboration with Limited Run Games, we are excited to announce that the physical release of Arc of Alchemist for the Nintendo Switch. Preorders begin on the Limited Run Games website starting March 31st. The PS4 physical release will be made available on IFI's Online Store at a later date. The game is out now digitally on Nintendo eShop and PSN

The 8 free Add-on Content/DLC are available as a free download for the Nintendo Switch and PS4.
The 8 AOC/DLC includes:

  1. Super Powerful NG+ Package
    • 3 new weapons and 3 weapon skins.
    • Two new costumes for each of the 10 playable characters
  2. Special Weapon: Beam Katana
  3. Special Weapon: Superior Spear
  4. Special Weapon: Histoire
  5. Special Weapon: Natural White
  6. Special Weapon: Beam Dagger
  7. Special Weapon: Shiitake
  8. Special Weapon: Dogoo Plushie

The North American and European releases for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 included updated system features and the ability to choose and play between 7+ possible characters.​