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Astro Announces New Call of Duty: WWII Themed A10 Headset

Astro is once again supporting a soon to be released title with a custom headset as they announced today a special Call of Duty: WWII A10 headset. Revealed at Call of Duty World League Championships in Orlando this week the special edition headsets will sport an olive green or black color scheme and have the game's logos and insignias.

The headset is available for purchase now at Astro Gaming's website.

In addition to the headsets Astro also revealed a Call of Duty themed mod kit for the Astro A40 headset which will be released later this year.  The new A40 TR mod kit will feature black synthetic leather ear cushions and headband with white stitching detail extend comfort. The noise-isolating Speaker Tags and precision boom mic block out noise so you can focus on the game, not the crowd. The Speaker Tag set design features the iconic Call of Duty exploding broken skull and the Call of Duty logo surrounded with ammunition.

We will share additional info for the A40 Mod Kit as soon as we get word from Astro.