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Attack on Titan Battle Trailers

Attack on Titan is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this summer and Koei Tecmo released a duo of trailers today. The first showcases how the 3D gear works and how players will be responsible for maintaining both said gear and their blades. Fans of the manga and anime know that the 3D gear requires gas and the blades are like giant utility knives. Neither have unlimited use so you will have to find members of the Survey Corps dedicated to providing gas and blades when the need arises. The second trailer gives a bit of a tutorial on how to effectively take down regular titans and the importance of maintaining your team of up to four squad members. Frontal attacks on a titan are a bad idea for several obvious reasons, all of which eventually lead to being eaten. Removing limbs can prevent counterattacks from more aggressive titans and make going for the final strike that much easier.

Attack on Titan will not be in stores until August 30, but pre-orders are open now. As a bonus for early purchase, players will receive DLC giving cleaning outfits to Eren and Levi. Mikasa will receive a special festival outfit. Here is a look at the costumes:

Those are for pre-orders via Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. PS4 owners who purchase through PSN will receive Attack on Titan themed avatars.

Here is the second battle trailer. Remember, Attack on Titan hits current gen consoles on August 30, 2016.

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