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Bald Rage: Grand Theft Auto V Brings a Triple Threat

Anxious fans were rewarded today with a trifecta of trailers showcasing the three main characters of Rockstar’s upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V. Now we had seen Michael, Franklin and Trevor from the teaser images and the previous trailers, but this is the first time that we get an idea of just what they will be up to. The big question that should still be on everyone’s lips though is whether or not we will play as all of these characters and will it be switching roles as part of one game. There is still the possibility that while the storylines of these three will definitely intertwine that Rockstar will have three individual campaigns for these guys. If that turns out to be the case then we definitely will have the biggest (sans-DLC) GTA adventure to date. Hopefully we will get more info at e3, but for now, let us take a look at these masters of mayhem that we are so anxiously waiting to control.

Leader of the pack?

2013 is not the year of the Wolfpack. If you want cinematic madness with a trio of out of control maniacs, the only big screen you need is your HDTV. Meet Michael, who I believe will probably lead this group as he has very much a settled down, Tommy Vercetti vibe. Rich, powerful and bored out of his skull, Mike’s therapist says that he is addicted to chaos. His son says he is going through a midlife crisis and considering he has caught his wife cheating on him, I am not looking to pass judgment on him. As unstable as this man clearly is, I believe that he is likely the brains of this outfit and the glue that holds it together. Michael is someone you do not want to cross.

The muscle man that makes the magic happen

Introducing Franklin, a product of the Los Santos environment. Much like CJ before him, Franklin appears to want something more out of life than gangbanging. Unfortunately, the old adage is that every time you try to get out they pull you back in. Franklin is clearly not afraid to get his hands dirty, but he either is looking for a more legitimate way of life or maybe he just wants to be a higher class of criminal. The man says that he is about making money and it looks like teaming up with Michael is the way to get it. Long-time GTA fans will also notice that Franklin and his people are sporting Grove Street colors, proving that CJ’s legacy lives on. Maybe we will get a cameo from CJ or his brother, Sweet. I wouldn’t even mind learning what OG Loc is up to these days. From a nostalgia standpoint, Franklin’s story is the most intriguing of the three.


Last, but certainly not least, we meet Trevor. Trevor is easily the most interesting character of this trio. He embodies all that GTA is, was and ever will be. This trailer has be calling him the “Unholy Spirit of Grand Theft Auto.” A drug dealer that is his own enforcer. This is the kind of guy you shoot first, then twice before asking questions. And if you have a gun and don’t shoot him, you might want to cross the street before passing him. If you ever got up on top of Kenji’s Casino and went to town with the RPG launcher until the army came, or lasted for five minutes or more in Area 51, the you know what it is like to be Trevor. Grand Theft Auto is calling out to maniacs like yourself. . . and me.


September 17 cannot get here fast enough.