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1st Impression: Only God Forgives [Red Band Trailers]

only god forgives

After watching Drive twice I have come to the realization that the over abundance of praise is undeserved and in some cases overblown. It seems Gosling wanted to give Nicolas Winding Refn another violent revenge driven film in the same vein as Drive with Only God Forgives. Much like I did with the Drive trailer I  watched these trailers a few times and it pains me to admit it but I like the way the film looks, I had the same enthusiasm for Drive and came away disappointed. All the trademarks that made Drive look appealing are in full effect but will it result in a better film? Time will tell but until then check out the red band trailers and let me know what you think. Did you guys like Drive?

Trailer One

Trailer Two

Source: Trailer Addict

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