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Batman Protects the “Children of Arkham” Next Week!

Batman: The Telltale Series - Children of Arkham

Batman: The Telltale Series hit stores today as a disc-based season pass that included the first episode in the series. Those who bought the disc only have seven days to get up to speed because next Tuesday, the Dark Knight encounters ‘The Children of Arkham.' I will not post any spoilers here, but Realm of Shadows was an awesome beginning.

Bruce Wayne will face demons of the past as Batman tries to stop those of the present day. Make sure you are here next week as we will have a live stream of this new episode. I am still testing out the Crowd Play feature and hope to utilize it in the stream. Details will be forthcoming. The only other question I have right now is who this person is:

There are several possibilities. Join us next week to find out.