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Battleborn New Character Double Feature

Battleborn - cover


Battleborn rounds off its character roster to twenty as of today. Gearboox Software released two individual trailers today to announce Attikus and Galilea. Attikus enters the fray as a defender. The trailer showcasing his gameplay has him protecting a base and very rarely leaving its vicinity. Galilea on the other hand is a fast attacker with close range abilities. Swords seem to be her weapon of choice as I did not see any ranged weapons. When you can pull off a five times kill streak on the same person, who cares what your weapons are?  The stark contrast of these two characters' capabilities continues to show the many options that Battleborn presents to players. I see this becoming a big, competitive MOBA if it catches on. Watch the trailers and head to the Battleborn website to see who your badass will be.