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It’s ON! The Boondocks Season 3 starts May 2, 2010

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Now, Cartoon Network has been announcing the return of this show over and over and over again, so please don’t shoot the messenger if May 2nd hits and we’re left hangin’. As great as this show is, it is highly controversial for the gratuitous use of the N-word. I’ll be honest, it bothered me for a good while even. There is a lot about the Boondocks that I have loved for ages as the comic strip has been around since the ‘90s. What we have to understand is that there is a big difference between 3 panels in the New York Daily News and a 22 minute block on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. You cannot possibly illustrate classic scenes like the “Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch” in a newspaper:

If this is truly how creator Aaron McGruder envisioned Huey, Riley and Grandad, then I am not complaining. Let’s all sit back, laugh our asses off, and hope ol’ Stinkmeaner comes back for round three!

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