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Borderlands 3 Introduces Amara the Siren

September 13, 2019 draws ever closer. Fans cannot wait to get their hands on Borderlands 3. Vault Hunters will ally and betray one another worldwide in the quest for loot. 2K Games and Gearbox Software want you to meet their latest addition to the roster, Amara the Siren.

Amara is a well-renowned hero to the people, but Borderlands 3 is her chance to shine as a badass Vault Hunter. Using her supernatural Siren abilities, Amara pulverizes her enemies with astral projections, pounding them into a bloody pulp with fists formed from pure energy. We’re taking a top-level look at Amara’s three distinct skill trees—Fist of the Elements, Mystical Assault, and Brawl—to help you decide which build best suits your preferred playstyle. But no matter which way you go, Amara will absolutely bring the beatdowns.

Borderlands 3 launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2019. You can pre-order your copy today on your platform of choice.