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Bossguard – This Will Not Be a Fair Fight

Introducing Bossguard - a powerful solution for ensuring fairness in fights. With Bossguard, you can say goodbye to unfair advantages and engage in a fair fight every time. Say hello

What IS Bossguard?

Big Bad PLAYER Controlled Bosses go against a cast of colorful, angry Vikings in online and local multiplayer battles, with up to 6 players. Lots of great games have wonderful, epic boss fights, but how many actually let you play as the boss? Bossgard allows you to do exactly this! Who’s the Boss? …well, it’s finally YOU!

The game explores boss-battles at its core as it holds together both fighting the Boss and fighting AS THE BOSS. “We all know how the usual boss-battle goes: the big guy comes up and you, the hero, the underdog, challenge IT – the Villain, the End. What if we played around with this idea of fighting the Boss and turned it on its head: let’s have you play the Boss. reveals Stefan Georgescu, Game Designer at the Bucharest-based Sand Sailor Studio.

Bossgard has experimented a lot with what a Boss can be, while designing its peculiar and unique bosses. “What if instead of fighting a giant monster you fought a giant slice of bread? What if the boss can move? What if it can’t? What if it jumps all the time? What if it can’t stop moving? And so on. We took all of these questions and many others and we answered each with a different boss design.”

That being said, Sand Sailor Studio aims for boss-fights that should feel “larger than life” without losing the sense of humor.

Bossguard Key Features
  • Unique Playable Bosses with distinct mechanics
    Each Boss looks, plays and feels completely different. What would you rather be? A cyclopean slice of toast? Maybe a giant evil plunger?
  • Online and Local Multiplayer with up to 6 players!
    We hope you brought company because Bossgard is best played on a crowded couch or over noisy online multiplayer sessions!
  • You're the Boss. Your rules!
    Modify the number of players and change the default heroes setting to get all sorts of crazy battles. They might range from a couple of minutes 1 vs 1 brawl of hell to a 6 hours epic raid-like bossfight.
  • Couch Versus Couch support
    You and your friends can play locally against or with online players!
  • Streamer friendly!
    Are you a streamer? Great! Bossgard comes with built-in stream-specific mechanics! Let your followers join the battle, allowing them to deal damage, aid or even drop in minions to fight for whomever the audience dictates!
Other Features
  • Bot support
    No friends? No problem! The bots are more than capable of giving you a hard time. Too hard?   No worries, their difficulty can be scaled up or down!
  • Party composition is key
    Healing powers, turrets, shields, buffs, each Viking has its own ability on top of which they can choose a Rage attack, basically forming a “class”
  • Team synergy
    The Vikings' abilities are designed to work together. Shield that healer long enough till the whole team is brought back for one last final assault against the Boss.
  • Vikings from all around the world
    These warriors hail not just from the North, but from everywhere else as well! Canadian, Jamaican, British and Japanese Vikings are just some of the warriors building up an already bright and colorful roster.
  • Travel to colorful, foreign lands…
    …and make a beautiful mess! Sharks, streams of hot coffee and alien plasma cannons will stand between the Vikings and the Boss.
    Each arena comes with its own theme, soundtrack and Boss-controlled trap!
  • Community-driven design
    Bossgard Early Access Launch allows the players to shape future content! New Bosses, Vikings, Maps and Traps open up to community feedback and suggestions turning the design process into a collective, community-focused one.
  • No paid DLC, no microtransactions, no loot boxes
    By Thor, as Bossgard keeps growing, content will not be hidden behind paywalls!