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Breach Introduces the Pyromancer Class

Sometimes while playing a game, you need a character that is ready to heat up the battle – literally. The new Pyromancer class in Breach is all about combos and lasting damage to enemies. Set them on fire, sustain and spread burn, and then consume all burn in a quick burst. In order for all players to be able to partake in this sizzling class, QC Games is offering the Pyromancer class free for Breach players through 12:59 AM EST on February 7! Players can enter the code ‘freepyro’ through the Breach game launcher or on the PlayBreach.com website through the player profile page.

Just Who is the Pyromancer?

The Pyromancer is an offensive based wizard from the Arcane school of magic that can conjure fire to attack enemies with incendiary results in multiple ways. Use Wildfire to start a literal fire to engulf your enemies. Cast your signature ability Firebolt to start the burn, follow up with Wildfire to spread that burnin' love onto nearby enemies, and then finish them off with Combust, consuming stacks of burn and (hopefully) your enemy as well.

Breach is now available on Steam Early Access for $24.99. To keep up with the latest information on upcoming features, additional classes and special online events, visit the official game page at PlayBreach.com