20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has pulled another great boner in going backwards on the release of Burn Notice: Season Three. You’ll notice no blue bar with the trademark “B” in the middle of the above image (which according to retail websites is the official cover of the set). The reason for this is that Season Three of Burn Notice will release on (gasp) DVD only, despite the fact that Season Two saw a Blu-Ray release. Fox would quickly point out that season two’s blu-ray version saw poor sales and that the price point may have been the reason. Truth isthat the price is not the reason. The reason the last season did not sell well despite the following of the show is that the blu-ray was not mastered properly. TCHE needs to stop being lazy and put the proper work in so that blu-rays are not looking worse than their DVD counterparts and then people would pony up the money. I for one am very disappointed that my Burn Notice collection will look so sloppy thanks to the DVD/Blu-Ray/DVD mix I am forced to own.

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