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Cartoon Network Hits the Nintendo Switch with a Double Dose of Games

Steven Universe Save the Light

Cartoon Network has announced that two of its greatest console video games are now on Nintendo Switch! Steven Universe: Save the Light and OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes are available now via the Nintendo eShop. Steven Universe: Save the Light, the sequel to the hit RPG Attack the Light, is available for download for $24.99. Action RPG OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes can be purchased for $19.99.


A special physical bundle featuring both Steven Universe: Save the Light and OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes is also coming! The set will retail globally in March 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $39.99.

Developed by Grumpyface Studios, Steven Universe: Save the Light brings fans a totally new adventure written alongside series creator Rebecca Sugar. Journey to Beach City and beyond to stop a mysterious Gem new to the world of Steven Universe. Build a party of heroes from the show, level them up with epic gear and abilities, and unleash awesome team attacks and Fusions in thrilling battles that blend real-time and turn-based combat.

OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes delivers an original storyline from developer Capybara Games in collaboration with OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes series creator Ian Jones-Quartey. When the diabolical Lord Boxman resets the card levels of every hero in Lakewood Plaza Turbo, a mall for heroes, it’s up to young K.O. to help his comical friends, defeat Boxman’s robot army and save the day. Smash and bash through ridiculous quests and hard-hitting brawler battles and level up with new combo moves to prove yourself a true hero.

Both Steven Universe: Save the Light and OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes are also currently available to download on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam.