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Felix the Reaper - header

Cause of Death? ‘Felix the Reaper’ – Out Now

Felix The Reaper is a puzzle game in which players alter events to end the lives of humans as ordered by the Ministry of Death. Like all reapers, Felix can only move in the shadows, but thankfully he can change the direction of the sun and move objects in a snap to create safe passage through increasingly devilish scenarios. Each destiny fulfilled gets Felix one step closer to his heart’s desire: Betty the Maiden from the Ministry of Life. This eccentrically surprising adventure features original music from a dozen independent musicians, as well as an intricate in-game database on the art and representation of Death throughout history.

Felix likes to jam.
Key features of Felix the Reaper
  • A wonderfully original puzzle adventure with uniquely challenging gameplay set in a beautifully colorful, gruesomely sweet world.
  • Play as Felix, a loveable reaper with the heart of a dancer.
  • Over 20 story levels with hardcore difficulty variants for each, plus bonus unlockable time trials.
  • The renowned voice talent of Sir Patrick Stewart as Felix’s guide and superior.
  • Choose your own tunes on Felix‘s Walkman from a variety of indie music artists.
  • Watch Felix dance with exquisite moves developed by professional dancers.
  • Experience a fantastic world inspired by and showcasing nearly 1,000 years of art and storytelling depicting Death across multiple cultures.
Felix the Reaper - Sunset strip
Twilight tap dance

Oh, and one more slight detail. The narrator, Mr. Mortigan Mortenson, is none other than Sir Patrick Stewart! Felix the Reaper is available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and GOG for $24.99.