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Celebrate Goku Day with Bandai Namco and Dragon Ball FighterZ

Beginning in 2015, the Japan Anniversary Association designated May 9th officially as Goku Day. How did Goku Day fall upon May 9th? The explanation falls upon the Japanese language where the number 5 is pronounced Go and the number 9 is pronounced Ku, put them together and you have GOKU; and thus, Goku Day was born! Goku Day has become a day to celebrate one of the most iconic manga/anime characters to come out of Japan and his positive inspiration and impact on countless fans around the globe.

Goku Day - Son Goku & Son Gohan
Happy Goku Day

To celebrate this special day, we’ve prepared a new DRAGON BALL FighterZ Goku Day video for everyone to enjoy. Head over to the YouTube link below (ready for embedding) to watch Goku’s exploits as he vanquishes foes and rises to the top of the DRAGON BALL FighterZ character roster.