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Clive Barker’s Nightbreed The Director’s Cut Arrives on Blu-ray This Fall

As a long time Clive Barker fan I always felt that Nightbreed never got the acclaim that Hellraiser got among horror fans. I own the Hellbound Heart which inspired Hellraiser plus the films Hellraiser 1 and 2 and Cabal which inspired Nightbreed but never purchased the Nightbreed film because I always felt it was lacking. Blu-ray.com recently announced that the long awaited Nightbreed director's cut will finally be released on Blu-ray and DVD with two retail versions. There will be a limited edition 3 disc Blu-ray set which will only have a 5,000 copy run alongside a 2 disc DVD /Blu-ray combo pack.  This new remastered version will be closer to the book and will include all the scenes that were cut out of the original film. Here is what fans can expect with Nightbreed: The Director's Cut arrives on October 28th.


  • Disc 1: Unrated Director's Cut of the film on Blu-ray
  • Disc 2: The 1990 R-Rated theatrical version of the film on Blu-ray (through a special licensing agreement through Warner Bros.)
  • Disc 3: EXCLUSIVE-TO-THIS-SET Bonus Blu-ray disc packed with extras (details forthcoming)
    • Includes Collector's Book with an essay and rare photos
    • Slipcase includes newly-designed artwork by Joel Robinson approved by Clive Barker


  • Disc 1: Unrated Director's Cut of the film on Blu-ray plus bonus features (details forthcoming)
  • Disc 2: Unrated Director's Cut of the film on DVD (details forthcoming)
  • Slipcase includes artwork designed by Ralph McQuarrie approved by Clive Barker

I am definitely picking up the limited edition set because of the collector's book and awesome cover art. Who else will be picking this up?

Source: Blu-ray.com

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