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Conan Unconquered Available Now

Conan Unconquered presents a mighty man with long hair gripping an awe-inspiring sword, ready for battle. Available Now!

Conan the Barbarian meets the realm of real-time strategic battle. Conan Unconquered lets you pit your strategic wit against endless waves of soldiers, monsters and then some.How long can you stand against the enemy hordes? Play the game and find out!

Conan Unconquered takes you to the world created by fantasy author Robert E. Howard during the early 1930s, and the subsequent comics and cult classic movies from the 1980s. You are tasked with defending a city against the terrible legions of the cruel sorcerer Thugra Khotan, Conan’s nemesis in the short story Black Colossus (1933). You must manage your resources wisely, create dwellings and research facilities, and set up fortifications as best you can. You must direct your army to fend off every wave of attack, all the while using your hero to explore, gather resources, find invaluable artifacts and gain experience.

The game can be played solo, in co-op multiplayer or you can compete against other players in challenge mode. In co-op mode players will share resources and most of the buildings and fortifications, but they will face tougher foes than they would have in a single-player game. The challenge comes in trying to coordinate between one another.

The map and attacking waves are generated at random every time, but in challenge mode you get to challenge your friends to beat you on the exact same map and with the exact same enemies as you just faced. Each challenge even comes with its own leaderboard.

Conan Unconquered is currently available for Windows PC via Steam. The MSRP is $29.99 (may vary by territory).