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DC Brings Harley Quinn To Their Young Adult Graphic Novel Line

HQBG.Cv .r4
HQBG.Cv .r4
Release Date
September 3, 2019
Written By:
Mariko Tamaki
Art By:
Steve Pugh
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While DC has been riding a wave of momentum with their Teen Titans: Raven young adult graphic novel Raven and the Titans are not the only characters receiving young adult graphic novels. Fan-favorite Harley Quinn will also be receiving her own young adult graphic novel titled Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. The novel will be hitting comic shops this week with a wider release at bookstores on September 3rd. Check out the plot synopsis below as well as a sneak peek at the graphic novel.

Synopsis: Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass is a coming-of-age story about choices, consequences, fairness, and progress and how a weird kid from Gotham's poorest part of town goes about defining her world for herself. Harleen is a tough, outspoken, rebellious kid who lives in a ramshackle apartment above a karaoke cabaret owned by a drag queen named Mama. When the cabaret becomes the next victim in the wave of gentrification that's taking over the neighborhood, Harleen is faced with two choices: join high school friend Ivy, who's campaigning to make the neighborhood a better place to live, or join The Joker, who plans to take down Gotham one corporation at a time.

Keep it locked to RAGE Works as we will be giving a copy away to one lucky fan courtesy of DC Comics. What do you think of Harley joining DC's young adult graphic novel line? Let us know in the comments.

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