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Diamond Select & Gentle Giant June 2020 Preview

We're kicking off a new Diamond Select preview series, and there is no better way to kick it off than with some Marvel, DC, and Star Wars merchandise. Check out all the statues, busts, and action figures below, with DC kicking things off.

DC Comic Gallery Deluxe Lobo PVC Diorama

It's crazy to think that this fantastic Lobo piece is PVC, and it is even more insane that this piece is only $100. Lobo's SpazFrag666 is the first vehicle piece from Diamond Select's DC Gallery line designed by Caesar and sculpted by Alterton. The diorama measures approximately 10 inches tall and is 12 inches long.

DC Comic Gallery Superman Ascendent PVC Diorama

We got another great DC Gallery piece courtesy of Alterton. This Superman piece captures the Man of Steel rising above the clouds and has excellent detailing. It measures 10 inches high and will only cost $49.99 when it hits store shelves.

Legends in 3D Animation Batman TAS Harley Quinn 1/2 Scale Bust

When it comes to Harley Quinn's designs, nothing is more iconic than the jester outfit from Batman The Animated Series, which was her original look and the one most fans love. This 3D half-scale bust is 10 inches tall and captures Harley perfectly. The bust is designed by Joe Allard and is sculpted by Varner Studios. Don't sleep on this piece as it is limited to 1,000 pieces. The suggested retail price will be $175.00