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Disgaea 6 Complete - packshot

Disgaea 6 Complete Coming to PlayStation & PC

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny originally launched on Nintendo Switch last year. Many Disgaea fans were unhappy about this move for a few reasons. The series was born and thrived on PlayStation consoles all the way through the fifth installment. The game did come to Japanese PlayStation gamers last year. Then there was the issue of how the game performed on the Switch. It looks like all that will soon be rectified as Disgaea 6 Complete will finally land on PlayStation consoles and PC come June 29, 2022.

About Disgaea 6 Complete

Zed is a boastful zombie who wallows on the lowest rung on the Netherworld ladder alongside his sister Bieko. When a God of Destruction threatens their way of (un)life, Zed must harness his unique ability of Super Reincarnation. His power is the only thing that can stand against the approaching menace. Along the way, he will unite with twisted and colorful denizens of the Netherworld. Prepare to face insane challenges and see if even an undying hooligan can defy the odds!

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny unites a grim yet touching story with insane tactical combat. Prepare for gameplay elements never before seen in previous installments. New and returning players alike can craft a truly memorable and unique journey through the Netherworld. Bring the pain in battle with special attacks and support from a plethora of ally units. Customizable settings such as Auto, Retry, and Replay allow both hardcore and casual players to fight their own way. Should things take a terrible turn, use Super Reincarnation to rejoin the fight! Keep trying until you succeed as this truly is a Netherworld fit for everyone!