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Let’s Bring Divatox To The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Line | NN2D Toy Fair 2021

If you're familiar with various Power Ranger series then you'll know the name Divatox but if not allow me to give you the short version. Divatox is the main villain in the Power Rangers Turbo series. She is an intergalactic space pirate queen whose first appearance was in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. Following her defeat in the film, the character went on to antagonize the Power Rangers in the Power Rangers Turbo TV series. The character was played onscreen by Hilary Shepard and marks the second time the rangers faced off with an evil female antagonist after Rita Repulsa.

Shepard was recently a guest on the Trek Untold podcast host by Nerd News Today's Matt Kaplowitz where she discussed her work on Star Trek DS9. Hilary is back in the studio with Matt once again for the Nerd News Today Toy Fair 2021 event. This time though she is expressing a desire to see Divatox added to Hasbro's Power Rangers Lighting Collection line which considering the significance of the character in Power Rangers lore who is beloved by fans of the series this should be a no-brainer. But don't take our word though and let Hilary tell you herself why Divatox deserves to be part of the Lightning Collection.

Let Hasbro know you want to see Divatox in the Lightning Collection and use the hashtag #WeWantDivatox to spread the word and this video.