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Dragon Ball Game – Project Z is a New Action RPG Coming This Year

Bandai Namco looks to be trying a different route this year. They have seen much success with fighting games based upon Shonen Jump characters. If that is your bag, look for Jump Force next month. There is, however, an alternative for the Action RPG crowd. First, we have a new One Piece game coming in March. Now, Son Goku and company join the action RPG line up in Dragon Ball Game – Project Z (working title).

Dragon Ball Game - Project Z - logo

What we know so far is that the game is based upon the Dragon Ball Z story. The trailer shows moments from the beginning of Z through the Freezer Saga. I would hope that it also has the Androids, Cel and Boo as well. Honestly, games like this have been done, albeit not in this generation. I would really hope that the title extends into Dragon Ball Super. At the very least, let it cover Battle of Gods and Resurrection of ‘F' since they are both “Dragon Ball Z” movies. For now, all we have is this trailer. We will bring you more info as it surfaces.

Dragon Ball Game - Project Z
Patience Gohan

Dragon Ball Game – Project Z will likely get a new title and will launch for PS4, Steam and Xbox One this year.