When I originally posted Tron, I could not find anything but the light cycles. Looking at the movement, I am thinking it looks like Prince of Persia (not the movie one, the one before that). It even has wall run moments that look exactly like that game but that is not a bad thing because I loved that game. The combat however is very not PoP. It is very, very Tron on crack. T:Evo (yeah, pronouncing it TiVo) is taking the disc combat of Tron and taking it to the extreme. Your character is named Anon (short for Anonymous) because the creators want the character to be you. There will be an interesting off/online system and your character has the same level online that you reached offline. When the story reaches certain points, it will search for an online lobby, you will play with other real players and when it is completed, you will go back to your own game and keep any bonuses you got online. With all this extra info, I can’t wait to play with my T;Evo!

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