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Dying Light Introduces Bounties

Dying Light - Bounties

Dying Light, the game that I never seem to shut up about, just gave more reason for me to run my mouth. In 2015, aside from the free updates that Techland gave us, there would occasionally be challenges introduced to the game that would reward players in various ways. In 2016, when Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition comes out, the devs take it to the next level. Shortly after release, the Bounty system will be introduced. Bounties will offer you challenges designed to help you earn XP and boost those new Legendary levels that come with the new version of the game. There are three different kinds of bounties that you will encounter while exploring the new (or old) areas of Harran:

  • Basic – Decapitate X# of zombies, survive night chases, kill X# overall zombies
  • Daily – Accomplish the task assigned for the day (GTA Online players will be familiar)
  • Community – Dying Light players worldwide must cumulatively accomplish a goal (ex: kill 1M zombies)

Sounds like a simple and fun way to add replay value to the game. If you haven't gotten your hands on Dying Light as yet, I cannot imagine what you are waiting for. If you have it but have not finished it yet, you have three weeks and a day before the new story starts spoiling it for you. To everyone else, you know the drill, lay low until the sun rises on February 9, 2016. As always:



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