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The R.A.G.E. Works SlickStream (01/16/2016)

Deadpool - by SharkBomb

R.A.G.E. Works had a great time last night showing you The Deadly Tower of Monsters, but unfortunately, Slick does not get new games everyday (screw you, Jay, I don't!). I figure with the movie coming up, I would go a little old-school and show off everyone's favorite target, aka Deadpool. The action starts tonight at 10 P.M. Eastern. I hope everyone tunes in tonight, especially those not familiar with the character that wanna see the movie. This stream will help “Ease it in” for ya! Dammit Wilson, stop typing my article for me or you are out of tonight's str. . .

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a katana at my throat and a Desert Eagle on my skull. I will see you tonight for the stream provided I can keep my head about certain issues.


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