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Dying Light Is Looking to Become the Stuff of “Nightmares”

Dying Light - Nightmare mode

Dying Light introduced a hard mode halfway through 2015. It made nights longer, enemies (especially Volatile) stronger and limited your survivor sense. On February 9, when Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition releases, Techland decided to take things a step further by introducing Nightmare mode. This will be playable in both the original and expansion portions of the story. The biggest challenge of Nightmare mode will be that if you die, you lose all XP you gained toward the next level. If you were almost at level 49 and a Volatile munches down on you, guess what, you are at level 48 with zero points towards the next level. It makes up for this by allowing for faster leveling, especially if you are playing co-op. Check the trailer for full details and more than ever before