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Dying Light – The New Map Unveiled

Dying Light - Volatile

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition draws ever closer. In two Tuesdays, horror comes back home as Kyle Crane continues his frantic search for a cure to a fate worse than death. We know about the cult that seems to be immune to the virus. We know about the need to build trust in this unexplored countryside of Harran. We knew that the new area was huge, but now we know exactly how big it is. The #TweetForSpeed campaign is over and the map has been revealed. Take a look:

More than twice the size of the combined area of Dying Light's Slums and Old Town, the countryside is made to challenge everything you have come to know in Dying Light. The enemies are literally larger, there are a hell of a lot more of them and your worst nightmare, the Volatile, are much stronger. The new trailer shows you some points of interest that you'll be dying (or maybe dreading) to get to. I gotta say that I am not looking forward to that Hermit's Cabin. If you get stuck in that seaside town after dark, all I have to say to you is