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EA Gives Us a Sneak Peak at Ultimate Fighter Career Mode

EA Sports UFC hits stores this June and the information is coming in at a fast and furious pace. We learned that Bruce Lee will be an unlockable character as will the legendary Royce Gracie but while those are great perks to get people to preorder the fact is that game controls and overall gameplay will be the deciding factor for this title to be successful.

EA released a new video this week that showcased the new career mode for EA Sports UFC that makes full use of the Ultimate Fighter product to get your created fighters on to the in-game roster. This approach is a step in the right direction as the Ultimate Fighter has become a successful road for many UFC luminaries including Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans and even Nate Diaz.  That career mode is only one road to the octagon as gamers can skip that mode and go with the professional UFC mode which will find their fighter on the main roster and fighting his way up from the prelims to become UFC champion.

What do you guys think of career mode so far? Let's hear it in the comments below.