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Earthfall E3 Trailer

Are you tired of waiting for a certain company to put out a third installment of your favorite four vs horde game? Are you tired of nasty, dripping zombies beating down your door and eating your pets (and you)? Do you want something (just slightly, not really) different to play? If the answer to those questions is yes, have we got a game for you! Coming July 13th, Earthfall takes you on a beautiful vacation to the Pacific Northwest!

Earthfall - aliens

I might have failed to mention that this “vacation” is more of a last stand for humanity. Instead of drippy zombies, you have oozing aliens looking to wipe us off the face of the Earth. This is where you and your trusty industrial 3D printer come in! Print weapons to take out hordes of aliens. Defend your homes against wave after wave of xenos. Team up with three of your most trusted friends because there is no way to survive alone.

Earthfall comes to PS4, PC and Xbox One on July 13, 2018.