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Experience Anamorphine on July 31st

Artifact 5 are incredibly happy to share that Anamorphine will be launching on July 31st on PC, PS4, Vive, Oculus, and Humble at $19.99 USD. Developer Artifact 5 has painted a surreal journey through the mind of Tyler, an individual struggling with painful memories. Anamorphine engages the player in a moving story about mental health, relationships, and reflection that focuses on experience over traditional gameplay.

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About Anamorphine

Anamorphine shares a story about a loving relationship hit by adversity and turmoil. See through Tyler's eyes as his love, Elena, suffers a tragic accident that takes away her passion and livelihood as a cellist. Their relationship is forever changed, and Tyler must now work through his own personal struggles to find peace. Told through pure environmental storytelling, Anamorphine eschews dialogue and UI in favor of uniquely surreal scenes and a breathtaking cello-focused soundtrack.

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