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Final Fantasy VII Comes To the iOS App Store

If you are one of the two non-Mormons on the face of this Earth who have never played the original Final Fantasy VII or amongst the vast scores of fans that cannot wait for the remake to launch then you are in for a treat. Final Fantasy VII is now available for download on iOS devices via the App Store. Optimized for mobile play with a new user interface, this version of the game also gives players a few “cheats” which might make playing a game that has well over one hundred hours of playable content more mobile friendly. You will have the option toenable and disable enemy encounters with the exception of story-related battles. There is also an option to max out your stats instantly; it is not clear whether this can be turned on and off. I cannot say that I am a fan of that one as it would take all the fun out of the game (for me) if you are stuck that way. in addition to the game itself, players are encouraged to download the companion app, Final Fantasy Portal, which provides news updates and lets you play the classic FF8 minigame known as Triple Triad. The portal app is free now through August 31 so definitely jump on that. Final Fantasy VII is $14.99 in the App Store, so head over there now if you want to experience the adventure of Cloud and his friends in a new way or even for the very first time.