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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Ifrit's rage

Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art and Trailer

Square Enix has revealed the North American package art for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Reminiscent of the North American cover of the original FINAL FANTASY VII, the cover features Cloud Strife. The classic pose was chosen due to its instant recognizability. It also represents the first major story arc of the game. Cloud stares down the HQ of the Shinra Corporation, which he has agreed to help take down.

Final Fantasy VII Remake - cover art

The new trailer features Cloud, Tifa and Aerith squaring off against the ferocious Abzu. A number of notable events are in this video. Aside from seeing Limit Breaks from all three characters, we see how Abzu responds to different types of damage. Towards the conclusion, Cloud summons Ifrit and we see summon gameplay originally made famous in FFX. Ifrit fights alongside our heroes with a timer. The fight culminates as Ifrit does a special attack. In the original Final Fantasy VII, summons would appear, do a special and leave. The added support will definitely be welcome when Final Fantasy VII Remake hits PS4 on March 3, 2020.