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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Comes to the West

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will bring the last of the PS2 installments to the PS4 next year. Enhanced graphics and an updated soundtrack will be just a few of the changes. This is not the original game that came out in 2006. A 2007 Japan-only release titled “Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System,” at the time was not so international. This game reimagined the job system, using twelve boards instead of one. Each job board represents a sign of the zodiac. Ten years later, this title is coming to the PS4, allowing the rest of the world (that did not import it) enjoy it. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will allow players to switch between the original and remastered soundtrack along with a few additional features like:

  • A new trial mode where players can take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 successive battles
  • Modern gameplay advancements including PlayStation ® 4 system trophy support and share functionalities, auto-save and shortened loading times

Combining this with the existing hunts, mini-games and standard battles, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age promises countless hours of entertainment for fans when it comes to PS4 in 2017. Stay tuned to R.A.G.E. Works as more news develops.