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Enter the Final Fantasy XV Universe!

Final Fantasy XV - PLATINUM DEMO

At this point, we all know that Final Fantasy XV was originally supposed to be a part of the Final Fantasy XIII universe. Last night (March 30), Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV will have its own universe. The new number would have been enough to separate this tale from Lightning's adventures, but Square Enix has taken things a step further. At last night's Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event in Los Angeles, it was announced that Final Fantasy XV will have a feature-length CG movie, an anime series and a mobile game along with the main title. If that weren't enough, head to your favorite digital store right now and you can download PLATINUM DEMO – Final Fantasy XV for free! This demo features main character Noctis as a child and the content will not be a part of Final Fantasy XV. The incentive here is that his only friend during this childhood adventure, is Carbuncle. Finishing this demo will be the only way to unlock Carbuncle in Final Fantasy XV later this year. The file is 3.5GB in size and Carbuncle is so cute, it makes Pikachu look like an ugly duckling. Here's a look:

A young Noctis finds himself in a dreamworld where he will learn the basis of combat, driving and magic. We will see Noctis as we know him by the end, but we will not see his fuzzy little friend again unless we complete the demo.

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