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Final Fantasy XV Shows Noctis An Ill “Omen”

We do not yet know everything about the story of Final Fantasy XV. We do know that Noctis and company are trying to get back into the city of Lucis of which he is prince. We know that Nifilheim has invaded and occupied Lucis and we know that within the city, they hold Noctis' fiancée, Luna.

Final Fantasy XV - Luna

As Final Fantasy XV has gone gold today, Square Enix celebrates at paris Games Week with a brand new trailer. Entitled “Omen,” Noctis is clearly having some sort of premonition via dream sequence. Things do not look well for his father King Regis or his betrothed. Worst of all is that the destructive force behind their fates is too close for comfort. Enjoy the new trailer and remember:

releases worldwide for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

Just one more thing to note: THE MIDGAR ZOLOM IS BACK!

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