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First Look: The Incredible Hulk #3 aka Hulk With Goatee Kicks Ass!!!


Written by JASON AARON

Pencils & Cover by MARC SILVESTRI

ON SALE – 12/7/11

When I heard Marc Silvestri was doing the new Hulk book I was very happy with the news since I have always enjoyed the style Silvestri uses. The war between Hulk and Banner continues in the newest action packed issue of The Incredible Hulk. I have really taken a liking to Hulk and Banner being separate. I think going this route forces writers to give the Hulk more personality which helps readers connect with the character better. Sure Hulk breaking stuff is awesome and his brawls with various irradiated monsters make for awesome art but the Hulk is so much more then that. I am hoping that Aaron continues fleshing out the character the way he has. Hulk is sporting quite the goatee hahaha!