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Full Moon Features Unleashes Tiny Terrors Blind Box Collection


If you are a fan of horror and science fiction, then Full Moon Features is a brand you know well. Whether you're a fan of Subspecies, Puppet Master, Gingerdead Man, or Evil Bong, the Full Moon Features characters are iconic. Earlier this year, Full Moon Features announced their new Full Moon Horror sub brand, which will serve as the brand's premium toy and collectibles division, and they aim to bring horror fans high-end replicas, figures, and merchandise from their memorable franchises and licenses.

While we have seen collectibles from the Puppet Master franchise, I am glad to see the other Full Moon franchises getting a chance to shine through these new collectibles.

Full Moon's Tiny Terrors Blind Box Series One

Their first wave of collectibles is a new Blind Box collection of mini figures appropriately named Tiny Terrors. The inaugural series of figures is 3 1/2 to 4 inches tall and is made with non-toxic odorless PVC/vinyl material and is incredibly detailed even at a small scale and come with nice vibrant colors. Series one comes out of the gate with many fan favorites, including Blade, Tunneller, Leech Woman, Torch, and Six Shooter from one of my favorite franchises, Puppet Master. Joining the Puppet Master gang are Radu from Subspecies, Gingerdead Man, Eebee from Evil Bong, Jack Attack, and Baby Oopsie from Demonic Toys. Adding to the fun of blind box collecting is the chance to get two mystery chase figures. I would love to see Doll Man in a future wave, as well as Pinhead and Jester from Puppet Master. Fingers crossed, we get those guys in series two.

If you're looking to add these Tiny Terrors to your collection, they will be priced at $14.95 and are available from Diamond, Amazon, and directly from Full Moon Horror here.

We received a few pieces from Full Moon that we would love to give to some Full Moon fans in the coming weeks. Keep it locked to RAGE Works for updates on our Full Moon Features holiday giveaway.