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Funko Greenlight’s Squid Game Pop! Figures

In a move that is not a shock to us here at RAGE Works, Funko has announced that the characters from the Netflix hit series Squid Game will be receiving the Pop! figure treatment fans. The first wave will consist of Seong Gi-Hun (456), Kang Sae-byeok (067), Abdul Ali (199). Cho Sang-Woo (218), Abdul Ali (199), and of course Oh Il-nam (001). The wave, of course, would not be complete without the worker in his iconic pink suit. The worker is a circle, although other retailers will be getting other workers with weapons as exclusives. Check out the entire wave below, as well as a link to preorder one or all of the characters from our friends at Entertainment Earth.

Entertainment Earth has these scheduled to arrive next year, but as always, that can change. Click here to preorder one or all of the characters.

The Squid Game is currently on Netflix. Have you watched it yet? Let us know in the comments

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