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Funko Unveils New Wave Of Rick & Morty Collectibles

Funko RickMorty 9

Funko Logo

When it comes to Rick & Morty the crew at Funko have yet to disappoint as offerings are available for every type of collector. Today's announcement from Funko not only features new Pop! figures but also Pop! keychains, plush characters, and even action figures. Check out the full catalog of collectibles below.


Funko RickMorty

Pop! Keychains

Action Figures

Funko RickMorty 7

Pop! Figures

Funko RickMorty 9
BoxLunch Exclusive

Funko RickMorty 12 Funko RickMorty 4 Funko RickMorty 5 Funko RickMorty 10 Funko RickMorty 11

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