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Gamefly Queue Review: Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row has always had the stigma of a GTA rip-off, and to some degree I can see why that association is made. But after playing through Saints Row: The Third, I have to admit that certain elements of the game are substantially better than GTA.  The beauty of Saints Row is that it knows what it is and makes no effort to mask it's GTA influence, but in doing so they have carved a unique niche for themselves littered with lots of adult content mixed with equal parts violence and raunchy humor. The M-rating is there for a reason folks!


  • Character customization gave players infinite possibilities. Is your innermost desire to have your player wear a giant cat head while wielding a dildo bat? (Yes, a dildo bat!) This game has that.
  • Driving and vehicle usage in this game were essential to navigating the city, and frankly the driving for some reason seemed a lot smoother.
  • While not the most coherent and deep story, it did have some great twists and some solid humor.
  • The soundtrack was an eclectic mix – nothing like hearing Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero” in the last act to fully appreciate that.



    • Glitches galore! Cars getting stuck in the street after jumps and random traffic popping up on a perfectly empty street. Nothing like falling between a bridge while driving over it to generate a few curses during gameplay.
    • Zimos and his damn auto-tuned voice, while funny initially, definitely got to be annoying as hell later on.
    • Why would you have Hulk Hogan do the voice work for a damn luchador when that role should have gone to Danny Trejo? If Hogan was going to voice someone I would have to think it should have been Killbane.


  • Raiding the S&M club coupled with beating people to death with a purple dildo are definite WTF moments.
  • Burt F’ing Reynolds!

If you are renting this game with the hopes of getting in on some multiplayer you will need an online pass.

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