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Gamer Fit Nation interviews Mark Dellagrotte and shares the experience with MTR


Our buddies over at Gamer Fit Nation got some training with Kru Mark Delagrotte  at Sityodtong and discussed the upcoming UFC Trainer and how it will change home fitness with the Kinect. Black Bible was kind enough to share his experience with MTR as he knows that our listeners love MMA and gaming. I appreciate GFN sharing their experience with MTR. Click the link at bottom for the full story.  Remember that if you want a great mix of gaming and physical wellness hit up our friends at GFN.

Video Credit: GamerFitNation.com

Black Bible speaks with Marc about his involvement in the development of the UFC Trainer.

Video Credit:GamerFitNation.com

Black Bible is put through a striking training session with Kru Mark & Eddie Saldana from Sityodtong in Massachusetts.

Full story at [GamerFitNation]