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Gamefly Queue Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens on Xbox 360.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was panned by a lot of reviewers and publications for a myriad of reasons but I decided to add it to my queue so see if the venom and vitriol were warranted. I played through the single player campaign and definitely found a substantial number of flaws. How bad was it? Read on and find out.


  • Nice to hear Micheal Biehn and Lance Henrickson voice their respective characters
  • Weapon varieties and upgrade system
  • Solid soundtrack and sound effects from the Alien films
  • Enjoyable for a rental


  •  Short campaign
  • Disjointed story
  • Poor AI
  • Glitches and bugs throughout the game
  • Graphics left much to be desired
  • Poor cover system which was apparent when outnumbered and outgunned


  •  Aliens walking in circles and disappearing
  • AI comrades getting stuck in walls
  • The ending !

In Action