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Gamefly Queue Review: Naughty Bear

Teddy bear wielding a knife on the cover of Naughty Bear.

I had been waiting a long time to play Naughty Bear and every time it got to the top of Queue I was playing the waiting game. After finally getting the game and spending some time with it I came away slightly disappointed as the Manhunt with bears concept wore thin rather quickly. You're probably wondering how bad it is so I advise you to read on.


  • The overall concept was cool and shows promise.
  • Bear killing varieties are humorous.


  • Camera angles vary and sometimes mess up gameplay when the camera decides to get a mind of its own.
    Not enough kill animations for weapons.
  • Occasional clipping.
  • AI goes from decent to garbage sometimes in the same stage.
  • Froze on a few different stages.
  • Loading times


  • Who names a bear Daddles!
  • XBLA game disguised as a retail title.

In Action