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Goku Achieves A New Super Saiyan God Form In The Latest DBZ Film

When Goku and Beerus squared off in the last DBZ film we learned of the Super Saiyan God and the power that a Saiyan could wield if he achieved that level. It looks like that is not the only level of godhood that can be reached as Goku surpasses the  first Super Saiyan God stage and reaches a level of  Super Saiyan godhood to fight the resurrected Freiza. The immediate difference is that Saiyan god stage one Goku had reddish hair that did not change while this newly achieved level brings back the usual Super Saiyan hairstyle that is no longer yellow but blue. If Frieza can change colors then I guess Goku can too.  Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F/ Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection Of F will be released in Japan on April 18.

Source: Comicbook.com

Via: SaiyanIsland